New elevators

Elevators of our company are famous for their quality,durability, modern design and technology, and in particular we also focus on their reliability.

Elevators without machine rooms

They are supplied as traction ones in buildings, which can not have an engine room. Specially designed elevator machine can be positioned at any height level in the shaft, together with the elevator platform on the particular manifold, from which it is then possible to carry out rescue and emergency operations. The advantage of these traction elevators is saving construction costs,saving installation of equipment in the shaft and secure functional operation.

Cargo elevators

Cargo elevators are primarily focused on resistance to mechanical damage. Elevators are available from 250 kg to 5000 kg with a speed of up to 1m / s The cabin is equipped as standard with manual or automatic triple-panel or quadruple-panel wing doors or automatic landing doors.

Elevators are equipped with microprocessor control. In range of cargo elevators, we offer even small elevators with capacity from 50 kg to 100 kg with a speed of 0.36 m / s. Elevators are supplied in KOMAXIT or stainless steel with single-wing doors or barriers.

Small dining elevators

Our offer includes dining elevators that are used in restaurants, canteens, warehouses, etc. For food premises , the inside of the cab is made of a material meeting the specific health requirements.

Elevators in houses

Passenger elevator in a house is a combination of modern style and technical innovation. The elevator can be put into buildings or additionally placed outside the building, matching some of the walls. The advantages of these elevators is the safety and ease of use for people with reduced mobility. The elements are aligned in one aesthetic whole, according to customer requirements.

Bed lifts

Bed lifts are equipped with automatic door control and made in damage resistant design with Braille and digital signal position. Furthermore, there is a handle, a mirror, a protective rail and lighting. We offer traction and hydraulic engines with the location of the elevator engine above the shaft or beside. Capacity of these lifts is 1250 or 1600 kg. Elevators are equipped with microprocessor control with frequency converter. Control can be also equipped with evacuation, fire and hospital operations.

Car elevators, scenery elevators

Car elevator cabs are manufactured with capacity of 5000 kg with protective rails against damaging the walls by vehicle or material. They are usually equipped with wing or automatic doors. Car elevators and scenery elevators are supplied as hydraulic or traction ones with the placement of the engine room above or beside the shaft. Control of the car elevator is adapted only for authorized people (with a key, with a chip, etc.). Scene elevators are operating only outside for calling and sending the elevator.

Cargo platforms

Cargo hydraulic platforms are special elevators with an indirect hydraulic drive, which can be used to transport goods between two stations equipped with double -wing doors in both goods points, or in a basement as an elevator going up on the sidewalk in design with double-wing doors at the bottom station and with a trapdoor at the top station .The platform is controlled from one or from both floors. Load capacity is up to 1,000 kg with a maximum elevator transport of 5m at 0.15 m / s.

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