New elevators

Elevators of our company are famous for their quality, durability, modern design and technology, and in particular we also focus on their reliability. Elevators without machine rooms They are supplied as traction ones in buildings, which can not have an engine room. Specially designed elevator machine can be positioned at any height level in the shaft, together with the elevator platform on the... read more


The aim of reconstruction and modernization of elevators is to increase the safety and reliability as well as reducing energy consumption of the elevator. Our team of experts offers modern and esthetic reconstruction to actual resources and the customer. ... read more

Escalators and travelators

Escalators Escalators of type FES have a modern, elegant design with stainless steel components, glass balustrades and aluminum stages. The handle generally comes in black color. At the customer's request escalators can be equipped according to specific requirements. Escalators of type FEH are ideal for buildings with high foot traffic. For example railway stations and metro stations. These... read more


Doors Automatic and manual doors are delivered in width from 600 mm to 1400 mm and height from 2000 mm to 2500 mm. Doors are completed with finish epoxy and stainless steel with or without a space for outside buttons. The control units Remote controls Elevator remote controls are designed with the requirements of comfort, appearance and resistance to vandalism. Outdoor remote controls Cab... read more

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