ISO 9001 specifies requirements for a quality management system for companies that want and need to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products in accordance with the relevant regulations and customer requirements, and seeking to increase customer satisfaction.


TÜV SÜD Czech is a leading company in the fields of inspection, certification, testing and training in the Czech Republic. TÜV SÜD Czech gives Certificate of excellence to Czech companies across all sectors of industry and services for the fourth year. The condition for receiving the award is the successful completion of multiple screening services, processes or products. The award-winning company must hold more certification documents which guarantee that the company strives to continuously improve its production and attitude towards customers, employees or the environment.

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Higher energy saving is becoming more challenging today, and not only for environmental reasons but also for economic reasons. Although the elevator is only a minor part of the total energy consumption of the building, it would be reckless to ignore the possibility of reducing the cost of energy consumption.


The EKO-KOM system, which has long been fulfilling the conditions of authorization, ensures that the waste containers were sorted by the consumer, transported and finally used as a secondary raw material. By this way, the EKO-KOM system fulfills legal obligations for their clients, which are set by EU.


Certificates of emission savings testifies to the fact that we as a company, through its participation in the associated performance take-back and recovery of packaging waste, which provides an authorized packaging company EKO - KOM, contributed to improve the environment and reduce the "carbon footprint". .

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