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Company VÝTAHY OSTRAVA spol. Ltd., established in 1991,continues the tradition of quality since 1947, when a company specialized in manufacturing, installation and servicing of elevators started to operate in the North Moravian Region. Our company is trying to provide quality goods and services in respect of environmental, economic and moral values and tries to be a good employer in the region with clearly defined ethical principles.

The business of our company VÝTAHY OSTRAVA spol. s ro is to provide comprehensive services in the field of designing,manufacturing, installation and after-warranty service of all types of elevators. By this the company provides the full spectrum of activities required for the successful installation and operation of the elevator technology.

In the past we have been honored and we are still proud of it. In 1998, it was an honorable mention for the Ostrava region in the competition called "Company of the Year" , in 2010 we were given the prestigious award called "The pike of Czech business", where we won in our region and gained the ninth place in the whole country.

Thank to many years of experience and a professional team of workers we can assist you in selecting the appropriate solution which would be suitable for you. Do not hesitate to contact our departments or visit our headquarters in Ostrava.

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